Oil drilling equipment

Methods: 1 drilling drilling drilling method rotary drilling method

2 well structure: refers to the number of casing layer into the wells, and the sizes of the corresponding bit diameter casing

. bottom hole assembly (BHA): according to the geological conditions, well structure, drilling tool source, determine drilling using what kind of drill bit, drill collar,

The drill string composed of drill pipe, drill pipe joints, and put the centralizer.

. feature of drilling rigs is: high power, multi machine joint work of heavy machinery, it is lifting, rotating, circular three

5: according to the classification rig drilling depth according to the type of the main transmission side by driving device type use area

6. Rig up system parameters: maximum drill stem weight hook static hoisting system structure hoisting system of lifting weight

Fast rope tension rope diameter derrick height hook rise speed and lifting gear hook power winch power liter unit power

L the system parameters and the meaning of the 7 rig

Maximum drill string weight: in deep well, the nominal size of hook on the drill column weight hook static load: hook uniform lifting wells all drill string weight form load hoisting system structure: crown block, traveling car change on the number m * (M + 1)

From the weight of hoisting system: swimming motion system weight (including rings, elevators, hook, travel car, steel wire rope weight) hoisting fast rope tension: when the hook load is at its maximum load (Qmax) fast rope tension

Wire rope diameter hook rise speed and lifting gear number hook power winch power liter unit power derrick height: drilling platform -- the top plane to crane bottom plane and the vertical height of the. Rig rotary system parameters and the meaning of

Table opening: the Fang Kauwa Te out of the center of the rotary hole diameter

Rotary speed and file number: station power: refers to the maximum power input shaft horizontal turntable including high speed low speed accident gear speed reverse file number

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