The brief introduction of Choke Manifold

Choke Manifold is a necessary equipment to control the well and implement the pressure control technology of oil and gas wells. Under the condition of blowout prevention, the opening and closing of the throttle valve is used to control a certain set of pressure to keep the bottom hole pressure slightly larger than the formation pressure, so as to avoid the formation fluid flowing into the well. In addition to the implementation of the well, the use of the throttle manifold pressure relief to achieve soft shut. When the pressure in the well is raised to a certain limit, it can be put in place to protect the well. When the pressure in the well is raised, the opening and closing of the throttle valve (with the manual adjustable, hydraulic and fixed three) can be released to release the fluid in the well to control the pressure of the casing. When the set of high pressure can be directly placed through the valve.

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