Main features of cage choke valves

Main features of cage choke valves:

Bolted bonnet design

One or two pieces body construction; bolted joints.

Plug type and Cage type design available.

Low noise  and anti-cavitation single or multiple Cage Trim available

Suitable for throttling service for both gas and liquid.

Erosion resistant trim available (Solid TC Plug & Cage)

Quick-Opening, Linear or Equi % characteristic available

Specific customized CV curve available.

Good range ability

Extremely wide  selection of materials for both body and internals, including:  carbon steel, low alloy steels, stainless steels,  Duplex 22/25 Cr, Ni-alloys and titanium.

Erosion resistant trim available (Solid TC Plug & Cage)

Design available for sizes up to 16” and pressure  classes including ANSI 4500  and API 15000 psi. Larger sizes/higher pressure available upon request.

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